Chris Tupaea (2011)

[Primary School Girls]

You Lost Me

Years ago I wrote a note to the girl who made me blush
I slipped it into her desk while others were improving their handwriting
A clandestine note was the code to be followed
The enigmatic code unsuccessful as she was thankless of the gesture
Reading aloud to her friends in the corner
My feelings for her were exposed
My feelings, deep feelings now tossed around for volley
As she let it be known that a boy in this very class had written the note,
A boy that had the best handwriting
And didn’t practice to improve
Your ice-block stained lips, your chocolate eyes, and hardened manner
Your brace-free white teeth, your new haircut
That you say is ugly
Is more beautiful
Our eyes are equally deceiving
That girl with the forced smile
Who I thought I knew
The boy with the forced smile
It was destined to be…
The audacity to read aloud to your friends in the corner
Your friends that are boys and easily riled
What girl has no girl friends to share and giggle?
Me the unfortunate boy with handwriting near perfect

© Chris Tupaea

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Anonymous said...

I like this poem